This is an amazing seed, the best one I’ve come across so far. You spawn in front of the bank of a river and immediately you can see a desert village a few hundred blocks away across the river.

In the village, there are two deep ravines with lots of ores such as Diamond, Iron, Coal, and Gold. A little bit away from the village and within eyesight, is a desert temple.

The loot is randomized though, so I cannot predict the drops.

Another few hundred blocks from spawn is a plains village with a ravine in it too. In the ravine is a mineshaft and lots of the ores listed above.

There are a blacksmith and a stronghold underneath the village. The location for the stronghold will be down below.

The biomes in the surrounding area are Birch Forest, Spruce Forest, Desert, and Plains.

As you can see this seed is amazing. It provides good starter loot, resources, a temporary home, villagers to trade with, and much, much, more.

Stronghold Location

Ravine In The Plains Village

Plains Village

Chest In The Blacksmith House

Seed info

Desert Village

Desert Village And Desert Temple

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