Are you looking for reading comprehension questions for the book the Treasure by Uri Shulevitz? We’ve compiled 25 questions in our first TpT product, which you may find here:

Download it free: 25 comprehension questions for The Treasure by Uri Shulevitz

What is The Treasure?

The Treasure is a picture book by Uri Shulevitz and is one of the common core mentor texts for grades 2-3. However, the book could be an appropriate read aloud for pre-K, kindergarten, 1st grade, second grade, or third grade.

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What Areas of Study

This book and comprehension questions support English Language Arts, Reading, and Critical Thinking.

Sample Questions

Here’s some sample questions:

  1. Could you imagine being so poor you didn’t have anything to eat and you went to be hungry?
  2. What was Isaac’s motivation for going on a journey?
  3. Does Isaac look happy or sad when he’s talking to the guard?
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