Book title: Pay It Forward Young Readers Editon 

Reviewed by: DesertPrince

Rating:10 out of 10

Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde

Grade Level: 3rd-7th

Pages: 261

Lexile reading level: 610L (what does this mean?)

Recommended grade: 6th and up 

Recommended age range: 11+

Is this a series?  No


Overall this book is a very sweet and melancholy one. I enjoyed the experience it gave me immensely and thought it was a very teaching book. It helped me learn about kindness and what it means to be selfless as Trevor tries to do a social studies project to make the world a better place. Overall I thought this was a great and amazing book.

An 11-year-old’s Opinion

I loved the book and thought it had a very deep meaning of helping others. I truly loved this book and the slightly melancholy experience it gave me.

My favorite part of the book

My favorite part of the book is when Trevor comes up with the idea of paying it forward for his social studies class assignment.

My recommendation

I fully and completely recommend this book. I loved reading it a lot and the amazing experience it gave me.

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