Legacy of Dragonholt box artToday we’re going to share our thoughts on the game Legacy of Dragonholt RPG. This is a cooperative narrative game for 1-6 players and took us about an hour to play for our first game.

As a kid, I grew up reading Choose Your Own Adventure books and this is definitely a choose your own adventure game. While there is some violence and references to drinking dwarven ale, it’s pretty easy to edit these things if you are a parent reading the story out loud to your kids.

What the adults had to say

Reviewer: DesertMage

Legacy of Dragonholt Boardgame – “Exactly what I wanted in a narrative RPG”

10 stars out of 10.
I was looking for a game that really did a great job of creating a narrative story and providing choices that changed the outcome of the game. Legacy of Dragonholt provided just that.

The mechanics of the game are to record certain story points as they are presented in the adventure, and then later in the game, if you have those story points marked, those options open up for you. There’s also a great time element which also changes your story options based on the passage of time. Whether or not your character has certain abilities also affects the options available.

The other thing I like is that going to zero stamina doesn’t kill your character. Instead, you lose the ability to use one of your skills. So you may continue adventuring, however, at a disadvantage. At the end of the adventure, you’re able to rest and recover.

I really enjoyed how you could choose what was going to happen next and how your abilities affected the storyline. I would have liked to have seen more pictures.

Legacy of Dragonholt review for kids by kids

Are you thinking about playing Legacy of Dragonholt with kids? It is a fantasy-themed, cooperative boardgame with fantasy violence and some alcohol references. It’s pretty easy to edit the description of violence and change the references of drinking alcohol to ‘drinking milk.’ However, the violence is still present throughout the game, so if this is an issue, better to avoid it.

The Legacy of Dragonholt boardgame is marked for ages 14+. Our kids are ages 10 and 12 and have given their reviews below.

Reviewer: QuestMaster

Legacy of Dragonholt Boardgame – “Legacy of Dragonholt is a really fun boardgame!”

9 stars out of 10.
I liked Legacy of Dragonholt. Mainly, it’s really simple and fun. You get to create a character, and your actions while creating the character affect what you can do in the story. This is unlike some choose your own story books I’ve read on iPad and tablet. The game was super quick and if I could choose one thing to change, I would add more races.

Reviewer: DesertPrince

Legacy of Dragonholt Boardgame – “A great lisening adventure!”

9 stars out of 10.

Legacy of Dragonholt was really fun! I liked that you didn’t have to move any pieces and it was just a listening game. My favorite part was getting to hear the story. One thing I would change would be to have fewer choices. Sometimes I felt a little overwhelmed by the number of choices.

Solo Play Review

In a larger group, you have a lot more options available, as your party is likely to have a vast majority of skills. In a solo game, you’re going to find your options are reduced. You may, however, choose more skills at the beginning of the game at the cost of your stamina (start with less). I found the storyline exciting to read and the first adventure was not too difficult to overcome.

About the Game

Is Legacy of Dragonholt an RPG?

Many people debate about whether or not this game is an RPG. While the game is mostly a narrative choose your own adventure game, there are RPG elements involved. For example, you get to choose your race and class and a set of skills at the beginning of the game. You have a value for how much stamina you have and you can loose stamina by exerting yourself or taking damage. At the end of the game, you gain experience and you may use experience to purchase new skills.

So while it may not be a robust RPG, the Legacy of Dragonholt does have RPG elements and could certainly be considered an RPG by many gamers.

Pictures of the game

The map, rulebook, and other contents of the Dragonholt box
The rulebook, character creation book, quest books, map, and other box contents.
Dragonholt Map
Map of Drgaonholt Village

Legacy of Dragonholt Miniatures

There are no miniatures for this game, although you could easily use miniatures or graphic images to represent each persons character. But they certainly aren’t necessary.


Legacy of Dragonholt classes include:


The choices for races are more or less aesethic. While the skills you choose do come from the races, there’s really nothing stopping you from allowing players to choose any race they want, whether it’s listed or not. For example, my daughter played a fairy and we simply used the Elf sklll list and my son played a Dragonborn and we used the Orcs skill list.

Legacy of Dragonholt races include:


For those of you wondering if you can play through Legacy of Dragonhold more than once, the short answer is yes, However, as far as I can see, there are no options for difficulty, so I don’t see a lot of replay value once you’ve gone through the adventure on your own.


Currently, there is no expansion for Legacy of Dragonholt. Since the game was just release in 2017, there may be additional expansions in the future. The box does say it is a game set in the Runebound Universe, leading me to believe there may be additional games in different settings, or the makers of the game, Fantasy Flight, may choose to do additional games within the Runebound setting.

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