Cover of the Hunger Games showing a mockingjay symbol
The Hunger Games is set in a dystopian future where tributes are selected to fight to the death for their district.
Book title:The Hunger Games
Reviewed by:
Rating:9 out of 10

Author: Suzanne Collins
Grade Level: 6
Lexile reading level: 810L (what does this mean?)
Recommended grade: 7
Recommended age range: 10-18
Is this a series? Yes.

The Hunger Games has very complex characters and is packed with action.


The main character is Katniss. She is the good guy. And the capital is sort
of viewed as the bad guys. For Katniss survival is second nature.

An 11-year-old’s perspective

This book is about how Katniss takes her sisters place in the hunger games.
The annual hunger games is hosted by the capital to keep the districts in

One thing that makes the book interesting is the Hunger Games are full of
surprises. You never know what new kind of challenge they are going to
throw at the tributes.

Conflicts Katniss faces include potential betrayal by close friends, never
knowing who she can trust, losing close friends, not having enough food and
water, getting wounded, and survival.

The character I related to the most was Peeta because he’s loyal to
Katniss. If you’re wondering if it’s Pita or Peeta, check out this video.

My favorite part

My favorite parts of the book were *spoiler alert*


This is a great futuristic book about dystopian society and shows aspects
of a humanity that has degraded. If you’ve read the Divergent Series you
may like it.

The next books in the series are Catching fire and Mockingjay

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