Stickbot Studio Pro box showing figures, green screen, and tripod
The Stikbot Studio Pro comes with 2 figures, one pet, a green screen background, 2 prop boxes, and a tripod.

We recently picked up the Stikbot Animation Studio from Target, and boy is it fun! Your student or child will be making stop-motion animations in no time using your phone or tablet. Here’s some of the things you’ll want to know before purchasing this for you or your kids

What are Stikbots?

Stick bots are little figures that you can move almost every part of their
body using rubber bands that are inside of them and I thought that this was
really cool.


What do you do with them?

Boy plays with stickbots using the iPad app
DesertPrince recreates the lunar landing using the tripod as a space craft.

Move them and articulate them to make animations.

What you do with the stick bot is move them and then take pictures of them so that you can make stop-motion animations.

Articulation of stikbots

One of the things that make stick bots so cool is that they are really easy to articulate and this makes them really easy to pose and fun to play with. The figures articulate at their elbows, shoulders, hips, and knee-caps. Their hands are suction cups for easy posing.

How long does it take to create a stop motion film?

It takes me about 5 to 10 minutes to make a short stick bots video animation.

Stikbot Studio App

Screenshot of the Stikbot Studio AppThe stikbot studio app allows you to make animations with the stikbot so
that you can look at the animation the stick bot animation app puts them in
a gallery one they are done being made.


Some cool features about the stikbot animator app is that it has
a green screen and the green screen can be used to change the background
and also you can take pictures and then use those pictures for the green
screen and add sound effects.

a look inside the stikbot app
The Stikbot App offers lots of options for creating videos


Some of the backgrounds include:

You may also select pictures you’ve already taken and set them as a background.

How easy is it to use?

The stikbot animator app is really easy to use so if you’re looking at doing animations with stikbot you should probably download it.

How can they be purchased

The stick bots can be purchased online at Amazon or eBay, or at your local Target.

Why I chose to buy the starter set

I chose to buy the starter set so it would be easier to get started on making animations. We looked at the price of the individual stikbots and compared it to the cost of the starter set. Essentially, you get 3 figures with the starter, which comes out to $15 if you bought them individually. The starter is $20, so for an extra $5 you get a phone stand, green-screen background and two prop boxes. This seems like the best deal and I recommend buying it.

More pictures

Kid playing with stikbots


Kid playing with stikbots

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